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Epidemiology Provides Ill-Health Prevention & Centurion Wisdom

In a nut shell, epidemiology is the study of illness and disease affecting a population’s health. It is also an applied science specific to the incidence of disease in populations as opposed to the individual. I believe basic knowledge of this highly specialized job can provide individuals with a better understanding in prevention of disease and relative-timely medical referrals for ill-health conditions. My point is if we could learn how to use specific data to (more…)

Alleviate Depression

Q. I deal with depression on a daily basis and I’m not sure why I feel so negative.  I just don’t feel like doing anything and nothing really interests me anymore.  Do you have any recommendations on how I can be more positive about life and get out of this funk? A. Depression is a very tough mental health condition to control and manage on a daily basis, but for the majority that has mild (more…)