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Weight Loss through Body Chemical Activation


Updated 15 November 2018, Marc Woodard

Any type of physical activity will stimulate the body’s natural release of feel good chemicals to help you lose weight and experience daily well-being.

It is the activation of muscle metabolism during low impact aerobics exercise that will activate these feel good chemicals – while simultaneously melting away body fat.

Any aerobic activity will release addictive body chemicals to burn more body fat, benefit health and fitness levels.

Once you relate and apply the information that follows – it only takes a little will power to begin chipping away at your weight loss goals and experience well-being daily.

The advantage of low intensity aerobics exercise is it stimulates both the fat burning metabolic engine and activates addictive feel good body chemicals. Unlike high intensity strength and muscle bulking development; and high intensity aerobic exercise – these activities more or less suppress the fat burning engine to varying degree.

Walk to a destination place and fish for dinner.  “Thumbs down no fish.”

What many consumers don’t know is during low-intensity aerobic exercise the muscles metabolism prefers to burn fat fuel. That’s right the  metabolic energy needed to walk over a period of time prefers stored body fat to convert to glucose to fuel the large muscles in the legs and buttocks area.

The same muscles during high-intensity aerobics exercise like running and high impact aerobic dance for instance prefer mostly stored liver and muscle glycogen fuel to convert it to blood glucose [sugar].

The harder you train muscles in the body the less body fat you burn. That’s a major reason high intensity exercise makes you crave carbohydrates after you’ve finished the workout. And for that reason – IS the reason those folks have a hard time losing excess body weight.

The point is, you don’t have to train hard to lose body fat and excess body weight.

The second point I want to make, regardless of training intensity the body will produce chemicals to addict you to exercise whether your building muscle, increasing muscular endurance, or toning the body. But if you’re consuming a stimulant, diuretic or anabolic steroid or heavy herb concentrate supplement to “fast pace” any fitness goal, the natural chemicals released by the body will be suppressed and you’ll become addicted to an unnatural chemical supplement that may increase health risk. You may look and feel good [loss weight, or build muscle, etc.] for a while; but then bad at some point in time…

Unnatural fitness results through the use of fads, gimmicks, supplements and herbal diets are often short lived because their not sustainable habits. In the long run when applying these tactics to achieve a fitness goal – “too often,” may eventually break the fat burning (known as yo-yo dieting), or hormonal metabolism and increase health risk; then cause excessive weight gain.

Eat more healthy whole foods. Cut back on processed foods.

Once you connect how exercise and healthy whole foods dieting increases body chemical activation versus an unnatural fad-dietary course, you’ll better understand there is no good reason to “fast pace” a fitness result (e.g., weight loss). Thereafter you can avoid the pit falls of unsustainable lifestyle habits and ill-health consequences.

The 3 major chemicals the brain/body releases naturally during exercise and supports sustainable healthy weight loss…

1) Adrenaline a neurotransmitter and hormone produced by the adrenalin gland just above the kidneys, also known as norepinephrine and epinephrine (provides attention focus in brain). Together these chemicals activate your fight or flight stimulation designed to get the body out of a stressful situation, or survive an injury scenario. It acts as a natural pain killer, boosts oxygen and glucose fuel to brain, muscles and suppresses depression.

Walk your dog to a neat destination place you enjoy. Both receive the natural feel good brain-body benefits.

2) Dopamine is produced and synthesized in the brain which boosts positive behavior, cognition, motor activity, motivation, sleep, mood, learning and attention.

3) Serotonin is synthesized within the CNS (Central Nervous System). This chemical is also found in many mushrooms, plants, fruits and vegetables.

Research shows Serotonin plays an important role in liver regeneration and induces cell division throughout the body (important for repair and healing of the body). Serotonins role as a neurotransmitter of the brain is to modulate anger, mood, aggression, sleep, sexuality, appetite and metabolism.

Walk the beach and discover cool things.

People are motivated to move or walk for different reasons. Once you find something that motivates you to move more… you’ll enjoy the natural brain-body feel good chemicals; and want to repeat the low impact aerobics exercise experience daily.

Continuous low impact aerobic exercise like walking, hiking, dancing or riding a bike will release those feel good chemicals and cause “for most” an addictive habit to form – whereas you’ll want to continue the course.  It will take approximately 1-2 weeks to become addicted to daily low-impact walk habit for example.

A little alcohol is okay. Over indulging is a bad habit.

Everyone differs slightly in metabolism, exercise and activity interest, intensity, frequency and duration of exercise activity daily. For many daily low impact aerobics exercise will cause an instant craving to continue the course.

To maximize the odds of achieving a fitness, health or wellness goal four behavioral habits must be addressed if applicable. 1) Stop substance abuse. 2) Eat a balanced and nutritious diet. 3) Allow your brain-body the time to become addicted to the body’s natural feel good chemicals released through low-impact aerobics exercise activity. 4) Remove yourself from unhealthy and stressful environments.

Bike, explore and get fit.

The increased exercise activities experienced by former clients did not require a lot of will power to perform low-impact aerobics exercise to achieve significant fitness results.

But it did require some lifestyle changes.

For example, when beginning a daily walk program it doesn’t’ require much will power to get started. But it does require a commitment. In other words, the excuse I often hear people use to avoid any form of exercise, “I don’t have the time.” But if you can make the time you’ll lose weight and feel better almost immediately once you start. Then become addicted to it within 2-5 days.

The best New Year’s fitness resolution advice I could give anyone, as I’ve done with so many past clients… start a daily walk habit. Walking is the best low impact fat burning activity whose large muscles prefer fat stored energy and it’s easy on weight bearing joints.

Walk and capture nature in a picture.

I assure you, if you walk a little each day, you’ll begin to release more of those feel good chemicals. Then body fat will decrease and you’ll have more energy and feel lighter on your feet. You’ll begin to look and feel better in no time.

If you’ve been sedentary for a long time, walking at first may seem uncomfortable and maybe feel unnatural. But if you can work up to 15 or 30 minutes or more each day you’ll have significant fitness results success.

Keep this in mind. Before the automobile how did we survive?

As hunters and gatherers our bodies are designed to get work done by walking. Walking is a very natural and a primal thing we’re designed to do for a lifetime. I guarantee – if you maintain your walking muscle metabolism you’ll become addicted to sustaining it, and in return for your efforts your body will allow you to live life to the fullest.

Walk to the grocery store to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables.

I’ve had plenty of overweight clients walk or ride a stationary bike for a year before they achieved their weight loss fitness goal. Thereafter participated in a competitive long distance walk, hike, jog or ran or biked a marathon event. They never imagined themselves capable of doing anything like it.  They simply believed it possible because they could relate to the muscle metabolism and feel the chemical activation truth working within their brain-body.

Walk a county fair.

Be excited about all the possibilities that lie in front of you and enjoy life to the fullest by maintaining a daily low impact aerobics exercise habit! Now go get addicted to the natural feel good drugs produced by your own body and reap the ideal body weight, longevity, wellness and health benefits!

Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2018 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., www.mirrorathlete.org, Get Free Newsletter.

Why Recreation Events are Supported by Community


I attended the annual 4th of July Celebration event at Tigard High School like hundreds of others this year. Yes the fireworks were the main feature and reason many showed up – but something else is going on community leaders need to pay attention too.

City 4th of July Celebration – Awaiting Fire Works Display

The place was literally abuzz with conversation and activities within each families picnic area on the football field.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say I was experiencing a 60’s and 70’s blast from the past event. Especially with the genre of music played throughout the evening. I was thoroughly entertained watching everything from children and adults playing yard games with over sized rackets, to Nerf and beach balls airborne overhead. While others juggled, performed gymnastics and danced for a captured audience.

City 4th of July Celebration – Gunny Sack Race

People participated in other activities like Gunny sack races for all ages, pictures were taken with visiting Star War troopers, and children lined up for the free face painting. While others stood in line to have family pictures taken with choice of background.

On top of all this the Tualatin community band played. There were also educational static displays by the Tigard police department, TVFD and a life flight helicopter landed and crew engaged onlookers. All of these activities can be defined and related to as various forms of recreation activities within a community event.

Why is it important for community leaders to be able to define, relate and apply recreational activities and events valued by the public? Without connecting these dots – community leaders don’t typically think beyond financial balance sheets and City budgetary cuts.

Annual Ice Cream Social at Tigard House

The National Framework for Recreation in Canada (2015) defines recreation as: The experience that results from freely chosen participation in physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual pursuits that enhance individual and community well-being. Recreation is the positive actions and choices we make to recreate, to restore and refresh the mind, body and spirit. Recreation means lots of different things to different people. Taking a walk around the block or in the local park, going to the library, Singing in a choir, playing tennis, being part of a sport team, rollerblading on community trails, taking an art or knitting class, taking a Zumba class, going camping, playing golf, reading a book, playing on the playground with your children, volunteering at the local senior center.Source: http://www.gov.mb.ca/mr/bldgcomm/recreg/rhl.html

Research shows us robust city parks and recreation activities and annual community events enhance state of wellbeing while connecting people in unique ways where they are reminded why their city is a great place to live, work, play, spend leisurely time and age in place.

Face Painting – 4th of July Celebration THS Football Field

All research indicates that people don’t move to a community because of the water quality or how often trash is picked up, Thrower says [Director of the City of West Palm Beach Parks & Rec Depart]. While safety is important, it is usually not the main reason someone moves to a city. “Today we are everything from drowning prevention to after-school care for children, to the only social interaction a senior citizen might experience.”
Source: http://source.southuniversity.edu/parks-and-recreation-centers-bring-communities-together-59072.aspx

Annual Balloon Festival, Cook Park

“Quality parks and recreation are cited as one of the top three reasons that business cite in relocation decisions in a number of studies. Access to parks and recreation opportunities has been strongly linked to reductions in crime and to reduced juvenile delinquency. Parks have a value to communities that transcend the amount of dollars invested or the revenues gained from fees.” Source: https://recreation.eku.edu/importance-parks-and-recreation

Relay for Life Event – Fowler Junior High

“There are no communities that pride themselves on their quality of life, promote themselves as a desirable location for businesses to relocate, or maintain that they are environmental stewards of their natural resources, without such communities having a robust, active system of parks and recreation programs for public use and enjoyment.” Source: https://www.nrpa.org/uploadedFiles/nrpa.org/Advocacy/Resources/Parks-Recreation-Essential-Public-Services-January-2010.pdf

Concert in Cook Park

For reasons previously mentioned and too many more to list, it is important for community leaders to recognize the value and benefits recreational events and programmed activities bring to communities and why they should not be cut during challenging economic times.

“Across the country, parks and recreation departments are facing challenges due to improper funding,” Curtis says [Virginia Beach Deputy City Manager]. Thrower says that since parks and recreation departments are a quality-of-life issue, not a public safety one, they are constantly on the chopping block for funds. “Thrower says that parks and recreation departments are a necessity that shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

CERT’s Disaster Preparedness Fair

If City leaders are serious about outreach and community engagement that recruits support for Parks & Recreation amenities and activities – it is wise to recall, recreation events have a way of connecting people who want to help support the next annual event. Which can lead to a list of willing volunteers in support of other City goals, programs and services.

Read city recreation return on investment at: https://wp.me/p8mORL-1rf

Learn more about more upcoming City of Tigard events: http://www.tigard-or.gov/community/events.php

Good health to you and your family.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a member of the Tigard City Council. He is a strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2018 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., “To learn more about MirrorAthlete Fit Healthy Lifestyle, City Recreation and free monthly newsletter, visit: www.mirrorathlete.org.

3 Important Components to Successful Weight Management


Weight Control is a very important issue with regard to good health and overall fitness. In order to obtain the balance required to control weight and achieve good health, three very important elements are essential to first understand about balancing body composition to control weight. In order to get a handle on excess body fat one has to have a good understanding of nutrition, exercise, and fit healthy lifestyle balance.

1) The nutritional component is a molecular nourishment process within the body where living organisms assimilates food and replaces tissue and stimulates growth.  If an organism can’t assimilate all thats put into the body, the excess will be stored as fat.

2) The exercise component is the act of putting the body to work while increasing metabolism, strengthening muscle, tendons, ligaments and bone maintenance and will burn more body fat in the process. Muscle burns more body fat especially during low intensity aerobic exercise like walking, hiking, biking or jogging.

3) The fitness component is the effect of the first two essential elements that also support good health.  A healthy fitness level is defined as being the proper shape, size relative to body type and age. This is a fairly simplistic way to define fitness level but essensially is a correct statement. What seems normal and comfortable to you may not necessarily be fit, or healthy.

By now I’m sure you have figured out the first two elements are required within any fitness, or wellness program daily to form healthy lifestyle habits that regulate body weight and a fit body.

Big tip of the day, many weight loss supplements and extreme diet restrictions are very dangerous, and one should never become dependent on them. Any weight loss program based in starvation, under a 1200 calories per day [long term] should be monitored by a physician or nutritionist. Let me be clear, these extreme weight loss diets will mess up the metabolism at some point in time. You may have dramatic weight loss effect for the short term, but as soon as you go off the program, old habits take root when a longterm lifestyle habit has not been form. When this occurs your body  will tend to grow bigger with a higher percentage of fat content as you age. Moderation and long term lifestyle change is the key in controlling weight and maintaining the balance of the three important components to stay fit, health and control and manage healthy body weight.

Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET. 2007 Copyright, All rights reserved. Mirror Athlete Inc. @ www.mirrorathlete.org, Sign up for your free eNewsletter.