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Get Your Mojo Back with 35 Things to Look Forward To


I know many of you have not felt positive about life in general over the past year. Mostly because of a virus that has limited certain freedoms, harmed health and for many caused economic challenges. But if one remains mindful of how much there is to look forward to, a plan can be put in place to get that mojo back in both good and bad times.

If you want to change a situation and feel better, consider creating a “list of things to look forward to.” Then plan to pursue and participate in a few areas of personal interest. There are literally thousands of life changing things to look forward to that keep life interesting. And when planning to participate – than do… provide a state of wellness and piece of mind.

I have listed “35 things to look forward to” to help you develop a list

1) Holidays and Annual celebrations with family and friends 2) Learn to play a musical instrument 3) Begin a home exercise routine 4) Take a road trip with a friend 5) Make date nights with spouse 6) Sip wine with a significant other watching the sun set

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7) Begin a home improvement project 8) Host a theme party 9) Meet with friends on a sunny day in a park 10) Becoming a grandparent

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11) Turning 18 and 21 12) Knowing you’re going to be a parent 13) Participating in an online chat group of interest  14) Learn how to plant Indoor and outdoor gardens

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15) Becoming independent and figure out what you want in life 16) Learning a new hobby

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17) Work towards the job you’ve always wanted 18) Meet your future husband or wife 19) Take a college course 20) Purchase your first house 21) Make a bucket list – plan to complete it  22) Celebrate a big birthday

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23) Take a dream vacation 24) Attend a favorite concert 25) Raise children 26) Buy your first car 27) Hike and camp within a mountainous area  28) Watch your children graduate from school

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29) Cook a new recipe 30) Adopt a puppy 31)  Experience a different culture  32) Start an online business 33) Volunteer for a cause 34) Begin a daily walking program  35) Leaving a legacy

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Do not allow any environment situation to depress you to the point of not living life to the fullest. Recall, as Americans we have a lot to be thankful for with the freedoms for anyone to get through challenging times. By remaining mindful of things to look forward to and actively pursuing an engaged and active lifestyle, people are more likely to sustain a state of wellbeing and good health to weather any storm. Create a list that is right for you, select a few areas of interest to participate in and plan to live the lifestyle you need, want and deserve now… and get your mojo back!

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consultant with MirrorAthlete Corp., and Former Tigard City Councilor. A strong proponent of City involvement in providing recreational opportunities for its residents. 2019 Copy right. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., “To learn more about MirrorAthlete and free monthly newsletter, visit: www.mirrorathlete.org.

How the Pandemic has Increased Demand for Outdoor Recreation


Literally every business sector, including indoor public and private recreational facilities and gyms have been required to socially distance and take protective actions against the virus. The pandemic has forever changed the way we live, work and play. The obvious marketplace impacts include empty office space deserts and small business closures. Like those business sectors, city Parks and Recreation (P&R) leaders will need to change their operations and services models if they hope to survive budget cuts. Before covid19, “recreation without walls” was growing in popularity. It will soon become a P&R’s department planning standard.

“Recreation without walls” is a term I first heard while attending a NRPA (National Recreation Parks Association) conference in 2016. I knew at that time, recreation leaders were looking to cut fixed facility costs and/or not invest in new facilities. Instead many expanded recreation activities outdoors within public parks, on school lands and other greenspace paid for by taxpayers.

Like the increase of tele-commuters working from home – consumer habits and behaviors show a strong preference towards recreational activities outdoors. City recreation providers are now making more use of publically owned lands to fill this demand. By adding more outdoor classes and activities under a picnic shelter, in a field, or temporary structure… expanding recreational opportunities for everyone is now possible and without the high costs associated with tax paid facilities.

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“Habits and behaviors are predictable and hard-to-change, once they change” [MirrorAthlete]. For instance, if you had a habit of exercising daily and now you can’t, how does this change your behavior? How many of you invested in home exercise equipment and cancelled your gym membership. Or now walk the trail systems to get your aerobic exercise, or use an outdoor fitness center. Do you think city planners are second guessing the need to build more office and indoor recreation space?

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There are 4 main reasons recreation without walls will continue growing in popularity and demand: (1) Tax paid, like private use facilities equipment and operational cost increases (2) Fear of future virus strains and culture shock motivates long-term lifestyle change (3) Public use outdoor recreation opportunities create economic, social and political multipliers that produce jobs, serve more underserved people and reduce taxpayer burden, etc. (4) “When markets shift dramatically, it takes another dramatic shift to reverse course.” [MirrorAthlete]

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Because of Covid19, a new way of thinking about public-private partnerships and expanding city recreation opportunities outdoors can be envisioned and implemented. This concept has been benefiting and creating equitable recreation opportunities for the underserved communities throughout the nation for years… It will only increase in demand and popularity as more people learn about it.

Marc Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET., is a Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consultant with MirrorAthlete Corp., and former Tigard City Councilor. A strong proponent of City involvement in expanding recreation opportunities for everyone. 2020 copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., “To learn more about us and free monthly newsletter at: www.mirrorathlete.org.