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“Alcohol Consumption Good, or Bad for your Body?


Is alcohol good, or bad for you?  I like to answer a question with a question… How much alcohol is too much before it effects health? The answer to the question is, it is both bad and good for then mind, body and spirit.

Some of you may say how can this be? The best way to answer thr question is to list the good and bad aspects of alcohol effects on you bodies health.  First I need to define 3 types of alcohol consumers: Casual, Social and Alcoholic.

3 Types of Alcohol Consumers

Causal Alcohol Consumer – A causal drinker [Causal is derived from cause] might toast the new year, or celebrate a holiday, wedding, or through the annual outdoor camping venture, etc. A causal drinker might want to achieve a “relaxed state, or simply enjoy a nice buzz.

Social Alcohol Consumer – This is where “a lot” of Americans are categorized as social alchoholics. This is where one likes to be around others, intermingling and alcohol is readily available. Whether a football game, family gathering, special celebration, enjoying time in a local pub watching a sporting event, or sitting at home with friends and cocktails in hand… The casual drinker averages 4-10 drinks a week.

Alcoholic Consumer – This individual does not need a reason to drink and consumes over 10 drinks per week and usually explains away the problem with an excuse, or no excuse at all. A full blown alcoholic can not go a day without alcohol. An alcoholic may also be classified as one that can not go to an event without drink. You’ll never find an alcoholic that will volunteer to be a designated driver to/from a function where alcohol is served.

There is only one type of alcoholic beverage science has documented having a health benefit with moderate consumption… Red wine, “one to two 5 oz glasses with the evening meal. The “Resveratrol” found in the red grape skin and seed has proven to increase HDL and lower cholesterol, antioxidant benefits, prevent blood clots, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, assist digestion and prevent plaque from forming on the artery walls… It is well documented through scientific studies that too much of any type of alcohol destroys brain cells and other cell in the body. It should go without saying… “too much red wine is not healthy. After all, it is alcohol.”

In ending, to consume as a casual drinker may lift the spirit creating positive harmony within the mind, body and spiritl with little health risk. Whereas… To abuse alcohol is to throw overall wellbeing out of balance and increasing health risk. Unfortunately, in too many cases, alcohol destroys careers, relationships and family before receiving the necessary help to stop this type of self destructive behavior.

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2008 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing, www.mirrorathlete.org, Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.