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Remove Cellulite Naturally


Just the other day my wife and I were discussing potential topics of interest to write on for the next monthly article while on a walk.  She said, I should write an article on ‘how to remove cellulite naturally.”  Fortunately for me, the Internet is loaded with many natural cure solutions and treatment options.  Approximately 90% of women in United States suffer from cellulite in varying degree where the damaged skin can mostly be reversed through natural treatment solutions.  You must also understand, for some, it may not be possible to remove all the cellulite damage regardless of treatment combinations.  However, significant reversal of the fatty toxic buildup pushing up against the connective tissues can be “greatly” minimized.  These natural & quasi-natural man-made treatment solutions can be broken down into 4 categories:  Exercise, Cellulite treatment creams, diet and other alternative treatments.

 Note:  For this article I’ve left out the surgical solution(s) because it is not a natural cellulite removal process and also carries potential health risk complications.  Creams on the other hand, although man-made can be found comprising mostly natural ingredients under many brand names.  One in particular has been tested and carries a FDA stamp of approval which I listed the key ingredient near the bottom of the article.

     Let’s begin by talking about the exercise solution to remove cellulite.  I know many of you don’t like to exercise, but one needs to understand the benefits of exercise.  Exercise is not only a cardiovascular-fat burning enhancer, but also a natural and reversing Cellulite solution.  Exercise does not need to be intense and a painful experience in order to remove fatty tissue deposits.  I do agree with the consensus of other exercise experts that a minimum of 20 min of aerobic activity per day for 3-4 days per week will have a huge impact on cellulite problem areas and total body fat weight.  One simply needs to begin aerobic activities 1-2 days a week for 10-15 minutes a day.  Within 2-3 weeks the body acclimates to the aerobic conditioning.  From this point forward you can begin to increase frequencies and time dedicated to aerobic conditioning until you reach a 25-30 minute aerobic exercise routine.  “First consult with your physician first to see if exercise is right for you.”

     Many fitness experts will tell you to focus on spot reduction through specific types of exercise, e.g., if fatty deposits are on buttocks and thighs; jogging, walking and biking will work to your advantage.  If your Cellulite is in your stomach and back, exercises that will help, e.g., kayaking, rowing, boxing, sit ups etc.  Although these are all good for weight reduction and cellulite removal goals, you must understand that spot reduction exercises mostly improve upon muscle toning if aerobic activity does not last a minimum of 15-20 minutes and within a fat burning Target Heart Rate (THR), See other articles at MAE (Mirror Athlete Enterprises) related articles, research under aerobic, walking.

     I believe one should work towards achieving at least a 30min aerobic “cardiovascular” session for the best fat burning and cellulite loss results.  Total body weight and cellulite reduction can be achieved best by the following aerobics exercises:  Walking, jogging, swimming, hiking and other low impact aerobic dance, and aerobic equipment use sessions.  Note: Walking and swimming is the least non-destructive muscular-skeletal aerobic exercises, best fat burning and cellulite removing activity for hips, buttocks, thighs and stomach (see MAE articles and search under walking, swimming, weight management and fitness tags for more Mirror Athlete fitness information).

     Maximum cellulite burning/toning benefits can be achieved by working your way up to 30-60 minutes of walking 3-4 times a week after acclimating to a 15-20 minute aerobics treadmill exercise, or road walking at “no cost!”  Follow me on twitter as “Mirror Athlete,” or by visiting the home site and click on “health media” to view my daily exercise tweet log.  Walk when I walk relative to where you are in your program and get fit while you lose weight and reduce cellulite.

     There are also many cellulite removal treatment creams that one can rub onto the skin to achieve results.  Creams work by repairing the connective tissues that have been stretched by the fat cells.  The creams incorporated with proper diet and exercise can assist in repairing your skins elasticity, cell structure and re-growth of the skins connective tissues.  This will help eliminate much of the white and soft pouching-puckered skin appearance.   Also, most cellulite removal creams can be purchased over the counter without a prescription.  Some of the most common ingredients of these creams are: L-Carnitine, green-tea, Caffeine and vitamin A.  One of the best creams on the market appears to be the ones that have the FDA approved active ingredient “Aminophyline,” (an asthma drug) which cause the fat cells to deflate.  Do your Due Diligence to understand adverse symptom risks when using any man-made pharmaceutical product.   Research the active ingredient “Aminophyline” and “brand name” cellulite removal with Aminophyline.  Or see your dermatologist for brand recommendations and understand the possible adverse risk symptoms of anything you rub into your skin.

     Now let’s cover a diet that can mitigate cellulite damage and appearance.  If the right nutrients are not incorporated into the daily diet, the connective underlying tissues will be more resistant to repair and cellulite reduction.  Although exercise and cellulite creams will help immensely with the results you desire, ensure your diet discipline maximizes your end result expectations:  1) quit eating junk foods that are processed high in carbohydrates, simple sugars and fats.  For example, fast foods, baked goods such as chips and pastries, fried foods, etc.  2)   Reduce/eliminate the following liquids within your diet: Sodas, coffee and alcohol.  Replace these drinks with water.  Water is a detoxifier-energizer that assists in removing the toxicities that are nourishing the cellulite.  Also drink fruit and vegetable juice to replace essential vitamins and minerals in repairing damaged connective tissues and skin while also keeping your immune system healthy.   3)  Eat more fresh fruits, including any assortment of berries and vegetables daily up to 3-5 portions each.  4)  Other diet tips:  Eat fish and/or take fish oil supplements.  Ensure you lean out your meats by cutting away excess fat.  Bake your fish as opposed to frying.  Cook meats and fish simmered in a skillet, use virgin olive oil (click link and “Wisdom of Consuming Oleic acid benefits).   5)  Natural supplements  (Click on natural supplement link and find the Purity products link banner within our health store).  These supplements include fish oil, super berry drinks, vitamin & minerals, etc., of the highest quality.

     Other Combinations of Treatment for cellulite removal include 1) Mesotherapy -which uses combinations of vitamins, injected with lecithin a natural enzyme under the skin. 2) Body Wrapping – This is a process where wraps and lotions are used for a couple of months to melt off the fat.  It is uncertain whether this application has long-term cellulite removal benefits. 3) Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) – Depending on severity of cellulite this process may/may not work. Typically EMS is used by physical therapists on people that have back pain, muscle spasm, etc.  This process is fairly new for cellulite removal and may also benefit the wrinkle reduction.  However, the data on these benefits is rather sketchy.

     Instead of providing “natural” supplemental brand name cellulite pills, I recommend you research for cellulite removal products that have the following ingredients:   Primrose oil, fish oil, grape seed, soya oil, soya lecithin, glycerol, and bioflavonoid.  If you want to maximize your Cellulite loss results, I highly recommend you incorporate a combination of exercise, creams and nutrition solutions to reverse and remove unsightly cellulite.  Otherwise for some, the results may not meet expectations and old habits may overtake will power.  Old habits that produced the cellulite appearing skin is telling your body that it is becoming toxic and may present other health risks if you don’t start treating your body better through balanced exercise and diet.


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 Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2010 Copyright, All rights reserved.  Mirror Athlete Enterprises Publishing @: www.mirrorathlete.org, Sign up for your free eNewsletter.

Why Should You be Concerned about Triglycerides?


Q.   What are Triglycerides, should I be concerned?   I received my blood test last week and my triglyceride count was 184.  I was told this is average for my age.  I also had another friend of mine tell me this is high.  I’m not sure I understand what this means to my health.  Can you help provide a little insight?

A.    In a world where everyone is pinched for time; meal preparations within most family units now rely heavily on processed foods for convenience.  Our country has an obesity epidemic in mass proportions occurring especially seen within our children.  It is my opinion triglycerides should be as concerning to an individual that watches their cholesterol intake.  If you are concerned about your cholesterol also take stock of your triglyceride count.   Before I answer your question directly, let me provide a brief outline of what triglycerides represent to our health and why we should care about them.

Triglycerides are a type of fat in your blood much like cholesterol.   Neither one of these fats can dissolve in the blood.  Both fats use lipoproteins to circulate these fats throughout the body to be used by the metabolism.  Cholesterol function is to build cells and various hormones.  Triglyceride function is to provide the body with energy.   However, too much (high levels) of either of these blood fats for long periods of time create health risk and disease.  High triglycerides like cholesterol is thought to cause, or contribute to hardening of the arteries, or increasing the artery wall thickness (atherosclerosis).  Most of us know these conditions can lead to stroke, heart attack and heart disease.  High triglycerides also may trigger diabetes,  or create disease in the thyroid, liver and kidney.  Suspect you may have high triglyceride levels in your blood if you have too much fat around the waist.  “More often than not,” obesity and disease have a direct correlation with high triglycerides, high cholesterol, High blood sugar (glucose) and high blood pressure.  Check your “health risk” to potential disease by entering your weight/height into our fitness calculator at our healthblog page tab (click on the Fitness Calculator Link).

Without a blood test to indicate your level of triglycerides, one may suspect an elevation of the two blood fats if you typically over consume without regard to food intake.  This is not to say one consumes more, or less fatty, or cholesterol type foods.  Blood counts could be inverted.  In other words, you may watch your cholesterol, but because of other food choices, or hormone inefficiencies, consumption of triglycerides in your foods, or hormones don’t store blood fats adequately which can create a constant elevation of  triglycerides above normal levels (hypertriglyceridemia).

Although I believe your triglyceride levels appear decent opposed to many other counts I have seen, the normal level within the medical community sees a normal triglyceride level to be less than 150mg/dl.   Your count of 184 is considered “Borderline High 150 to 199 mg/dl.  High 200 to 499mg/dl, Very High 500mg/dl or above. Note:  Prescriptions can elevate your triglyceride levels, such as birth control pills, diuretics, steroids and breast cancer drug Tamoxifen, etc. 


 1.  Maintain “Ideal Body Weight,” Use our Fitness Calculator at home site to determine your IBW.

2.  Reduce excess calorie consumption, especially baked goods, processed foods, sugar, white flour. 

3.  Reduce trans fats found in many baked goods, cooking, crackers, chips, snack cakes etc.  Note – Just because a product states low trans fat there is still trans fat in most of these types of foods!  Even low level trans fat consumption could increase risk of disease.

4.  Avoid Alcohol.

5.  Exercise aerobically at least 30 minutes daily.

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2008 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing, www.mirrorathlete.org,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.