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Household Cleaning Products Making People Sick


Over a decade ago I read an article titled, “Is Cancer in Your Tub?” The information within the article came from a Network News Publication that caught my attention. In essence it included how FDA approved chemicals found in household products made people sick – with a connection to illness and disease. At the time, consumer safety activists were outraged by the amount of FDA approved ingredients known to be harmful to health in general and especially through long term use. Advocates worked hard then as they do today, to call on manufacturers to remove unnecessary and harmful chemicals from all consumer products.

Over the last 20 years this movement has generated a whole new culture that prioritizes safe home use cleaning products… however, a plethora of household cleaning brands with toxic chemicals still fill marketplace shelves. Other industries like cosmetics and processed foods are also a concern for advocacy groups.

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Back in 2007, I was interested to learn more about toxic chemicals in consumer products known to cause illness and disease. Then wondered why other safe ingredients couldn’t be used instead… This led me to read a published brochure by author Debra Lynn Dadd, “Please Protect Yourself from Household Toxins.” I would like to share a portion of that information found in her literature, and why its so important for consumer safety education to continue.

She wrote,

“While certain people may be more sensitive than others, and some chemical(s) may bring on reactions only after many years of repeated exposure, I discovered through my research that chemicals may bring on reactions only after many years of repeated exposure, I discovered through my research that chemicals in the home could put anyone at risk.”

“It is just as important today as it was over a decade ago, to educate the public on harmful household use products as it is within our foods marketplace. And how some people are more sensitive to certain chemical exposures than others. Although it appears certain, many harsh chemicals in our household products, like chemically engineered foods have improved throughout the last decade. The household products and foods found within the marketplace require consumer scrutiny to minimize health risk.”

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“Cancer, birth defects, genetic changes, heart disease… Almost any symptom imaginable, both physical and psychological, has been associated with chemicals in common household products. Recently, scientists have discovered that toxic chemicals can lodge in our endocrine system contributing to thyroid problems, diabetes, weight gain, and infertility. At greatest risk are fetuses, children, the elderly, and those who are already ill, but these chemicals are threatening the health of everyone, every day” [Dadd 2007]. [Learn more about Debra Dadd history and books].

Research shows a plethra of chemical toxins are still found in a majority of consumer product ingredients today. What has changed from 2007, is the advancement of green and safe eco-friendly home use and personal hygiene products within the marketplace. The foods markets have also advanced in healthier alternatives. But like household cleaners, the old brands through rebranding and relabeling are alive and well.

As Dodd stated in 2007, “It is just as important today as it was over a decade ago, to educate the public on harmful household use products as it is within our foods marketplace.”

Her statement was valid then and continues to be true today. If safe consumer advocacy and education stopped, how would the next generation identify and change unhealthy consumer habits and behaviors to minimize health risk? What incentives would manufacturers have to change their policies, ingredients and procedures, etc. Without public education – supply and demand don’t change into healthier outcomes. This dynamic if not kept in check cause more people get sick… put unnecessary burdens on families, employers and limited community medical services-resources, etc.

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At the time I originally published this article on 25 June 2008, I also cited a related publication within an AARP Bulletin Today, May 2008, Vol.49 No. 4. I’d like to share a portion of that article – “Hazards at Home,” by Reed Karaim.

“And older people are more likely to have conditions – such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease and diabetes – that can dramatically reduce their ability to withstand exposure to environmental hazards… The stakes are high. Older people tend to process and eliminate toxicants from their bodies more slowly than younger people. And “as we age, we become less efficient at detoxification – the slowing down of kidneys, liver and immune system functioning all play a role. In this older people are more like infants and children in their ability to fend off toxic assaults, says Sandra Steingraber, the author of Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Environment.” It is still true today… seniors are at higher health risk when using aerosol air fresheners and disinfectants, and liquid household sprays and detergents with toxic chemical ingredients.”

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CleanersChemicals to avoid in cleaners, says McRandle (Paul McRandle, Deputy Editor at the National Geographic Green Guide), run from ammonia, which is known to trigger asthma, elements in chlorine bleach, which is a lung irritant and will kill you if you swallow it, to things like glycol ethers, which are used to dissolve grime and dirt, and can cause nerve damage.’ … Protect your skin by wearing rubber gloves and your lungs by ventilating your work area or wearing a mask.”

Although this article focused mainly on toxic household cleaners, It was simply amazing to also find within these early publications, glycol ethers and propylene Glycol (ingredient found in anti-freeze), are ingredients still found within many of our personal hygiene products: i.e., shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics, lotions, toothpaste and pet food.

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This left the question in my head… Why is it necessary to put these carcinogenic solvents in any consumable, or personal hygiene, or household product? Especially when manufacturers know how to make a non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe, or safer version? The answer is very clear. It’s all about the bottom line… has to be.

The worst of the worst home cleaning products harmful to health appear to be spray cleaners and chemical air fresheners…

“Research shows that spray cleaners are the most toxic because they provide the greatest exposure to the chemicals in toxic household cleaners. In fact, a 2018 study found women who used sprays or other cleaning products at least once per week had a steeper decline in lung function than women who didn’t” [nontoxicforhealth 2018].

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The marketplace won’t eliminate all the chemical toxins problems found in household cleaners and personal hygiene products anytime soon. However, there are eight proactive and protective measures you can take now to reduce the risk of increasing health risk when cleaning your home.

Reduce Health Risk During Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Cleaning House

  1. Use non-toxic household cleaning products made from citrus and essential oil, and other natural ingredients. Change to eco green friendly – safe cleaning products.
  2. Don’t use toxic aerosol sprays to clean and freshen air – they attach to wall surfaces and carpet and furniture [Sprayed chemicals linger in your home’s air the longest.].
  3. Run away from heavily concentrated ammonia-based cleaners – especially if you have respiratory or a weakened immune system.
  4. Any ingredient name you can’t pronounce, or have to look up, including chemical fragrances [not natural], are likely toxic to health and may cause eye and respiratory and skin irritation. If bottle label cautions: Harmful to health and may cause death is swallowed – Look for alternative safe product choice.
  5. All consumers, especially seniors should consider throwing away toxic cleaning products and replacing them with bio-degradable and natural and organic products to reduce allergy symptoms, illness and health risk.
  6. If you have any type of unexplained skin, eye irritation, respiratory allergic reaction, etc., after using a cleaning agent, or air freshening product, avoid further use.
  7. If you have an acute, or chronic reaction to any household cleaner, or air freshener product, see your doctor immediately.
  8. Wear eye protection, mask and gloves whenever using household cleaning products and ventilate space well with fresh air.

Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET2021 Copyright.  All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Publishing @: www.mirrorathlete.org,  Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.

Outsourcing America Is Killing Our Families

Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail    The Wellness Company I sponsor at my site is a traditional brick and mortar company where families come first.  This is because they produce non toxic safe (clean green) products with fantastic quality at a wholesale price.  With most other traditional corporate models “the consumer is outside of the retail profit partnership.”  In other words, you pay retail, they don’t share the profits.  We are paying for more cheapened and dangerous house hold products than ever before, as we loose jobs to outsourcing while making our families simultaneously and unknowingly sick.

    The retail marketing, distribution, revenues and sales models work like this:  Advertisers (TV, Radio, Print Media), Manufacturers (Procter & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson), and Distribution (Wal-Mart, Safeway, Kroger) consume enormous advertising, manufacturing and logistic costs to market and transport their products to your local stores.  Every time you pay retail, you pay a percentage of these other expenses, “including import taxes from products made overseas [Higher carbon foot print, fuel and shipping costs].  Overseas imports that we purchase also support unregulated carbon emissions that reach our shorelines and impact our health.  While at the same time our manufacturers get regulated to no end by our government to filter carbon emissions that also increases product costs.  Simultaneously removing us competitively out of the market for outsourced-unregulated and dangerous products.  This is a never ending economic spiral in favor of outsourced overseas products and services crippling our nation.

    The mega-monopoly corporations have no plan to partner up with struggling families to pass on “cost savings,” they simply can’t figure out what’s good for the American family, don’t care about the traditional American way of life, “or simply don’t care about the consumer for whatever reason.”  It’s about cheaper, faster, high volume production to keep investors into never ending profit gains at any cost, driven by “the almighty dollar!”  Large corporations are simply driven by greed; offer few if any environmental, healthy home solutions and are simply out of touch with the American family.  Now that our financial institutions have collapsed and the stock market has bombed… Do you think the products are going to be made any better, or safer for your families?  Will we outsource more American jobs?  Will the employment rate continue to soar?  Where will it end?  I tell you this, you can make a difference?  Don’t support your retail outlets if products aren’t make in America and/or are hazardous to your families health.

    “In my opinion the US corporations that have outsourced to foreign countries are “one” of the biggest threats to the traditional and moral fiber breakdown of our nation and “inflationary contributors” which in turn has greatly devalued the American dollar in the last 30 years.  Believe me I’m a capitalist at heart, but when the monarchs and czars remove jobs and compromise product quality the peasants become bitter and disinfranchised.  Where’s the balance? Where’s the fairness?  What is happening to the American dream?  I see dang-near 2 classes of people today, the very wealthy and not.  Since this seems to be the case, we must make due the best we know how.  The following information will provide more insight on a cost effective family plan for all your house hold and supplemental health needs.  Don’t pay outsourced retail! You don’t have to do this!

    The more products imported from foreign markets, the less buying power your hard earned dollars will provide for your family, especially in today’s economy.  If we’re not exporting (manufacturing and selling American made products abroad) and we continue importing (buying foreign manufactured products), we’re telling the international market, our stuff is crap because we prefer products out side of the U.S. Sooner or later, “our Rome will fall and we’ll be ruled by other countries!”  “Do some research on “the fall of Rome.”  We now outsource much of our nations manufacturing jobs overseas.  What’s next?  Outsourcing our military, “Can You Say Blackwater, or Halliburton.”  Rome followed a path similar to our present scenario and look what happened to them.  Rome and its culture became extinct!  Think it couldn’t happen here?  Think again!”  Most of the products you consume on a daily basis are now manufactured overseas (outsourcing as a result of global mega-conglomerate merges).  This not only takes away American jobs, but even more so then ever, the consumer “is not” and “can not” be protected by every safe consumer standard meeting FDA and other U.S. regulatory safe product requirement.

    Also, most of you are knowledgeable in the fact outsourced manufacturing occurs predominately in poor countries where poor human working conditions is the case.  This in itself is outrageous!  We don’t accept those barbaric human practices in our country, but we’ll support the continuation of those practices by shopping at Wal-Mart, etc., where almost all products now come from China.  Why do you think the products are so cheap… Child slave labor, horrible work conditions in sweat shops, etc? 

    The greatest potential risk and most grievous infraction by the mogul corporate giants is they’d have you believe they have your family’s best health interest at heart.  If you really want a good read on what’s going into our products and how big business plans to increase profits at any cost, which definitely is making our families sick… This will get your blood boiling, read “Natural Cures, By Kevin Trudeau.”  “After you get further educated on the inside strategy of our global corporate industries… Chemical, food and pharmaceutical, etc., the truth will hit you upside the head really fast.”  I thanked my mother for giving this book to me as a gift.  It opened my eyes to a world of manufacturing corruption.  I also validated information within the book by further research on the Internet to substantiate some facts I was reading.  The cheapened chemicals these corporate giants are using within our everyday home products and foods are slowly killing us.  Outsourcing our American jobs also equates to further cheapening the quality of products which are now a further health hazard. Then again as Kevin Trudeau coined quite nicely throughout the book, “It’s all about the money’ we should be “mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

    One example recently in the news media and I’m sure all are aware by now, “heavy lead found in toys shipped from China had recently circulated throughout our retail outlets by the 10’s or thousands of product units and have been recalled as determined a health risk for your children [Global News, 2007].”  As of 2008, this news now seems to be the norm.  It’s in the toys, the candy, home products, etc., where will it all end!  How about the multitude of health illness risk we are now exposed to and most unaware.  “Let’s keep American jobs here, produce safe healthy products for our families and return cost savings and jobs back to hard working American families.  In my opinion the Wellness Company” business model is no different then what I remembered as a kid… Old brick and mortar companies like Mongomary Wards, etc.,  that cared about American culture, the people and great American made products.  The Wellness company is a similar company from the aspect it manufactures its own entire product line, nearly 400 clean green home use and healthy products by the American people in Idaho Falls, ID. 
     Corporate business models will always follow a product demand manufacturing model. Show American corporations what services and products the American families expect and value and even the biggest corporate companies will have no choice but to stay competitive if they want to stay in business.  “No body” manufactures and produces better products in the world then the American people.  And if any big wig tells you it’s cheaper to outsource and globalize, “tell them to stuff it!”  What is cheap hazardous outsourced production doing to our food, home products, health industries, etc.?     

    Learn more about the Wellness Company & watch MAE Video’s to see how outsourced products are making Americans sick.  Let your Congressmen and Senators know you want to keep jobs in America, you want American made products.  We don’t want cheap unsafe products in our homes contaminating and making our children ill! “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!  Do your part, buy American made products, support American jobs, put more money back into your pocket and ensure your family is consuming safe healthy products!

    If you haven’t figured it out “I’m a traditionalist that upholds the American way of life with strong conservative family values.”  Now there is a Wellness Company that values the traditional American way of life.  If more of us participated in a natural safe home product company such as this one, it now is possible to bring fantastic products, create jobs and bring “cost savings back to the consumer.

Author:  Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, USA Medical Services Officer, CPT, RET.  2008 Copyright, All rights reserved.  Mirror Athlete Enterprises Publishing @: www.mirrorathlete.org, Sign up for your free monthly eNewsletter.