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Defeat Bad Breath

Possibly Brushing and Flossing Would Help My Breath

Possibly Brushing and Flossing Would Help My Breath

 Watch our Chow Dogs Play Fight – Very Entertaining  Unfortunately as we age our digestive and immune systems become less forgiving of what we put into our bodies.  If you couple this with poor hygiene, less exercise, poor consumer habits and mismanaged stress in our lives this is the perfect storm for chronic bad breath.  Although many mystery bad breath disorders originate from the intestines and stomach; bacteria in the mouth, back of throat, abscesses in teeth, gum disease are perfect places for bacteria to putrefy.   This purification also caused by certain foods decaying with bacteria between teeth, gums and tongue often has the smell of sulfur.  Much cause of bad breath has a lot to do with good oral hygiene and proper water hydration throughout the day.  Without water the digestive system will not work to your advantage in cleansing your bad breath.  Many digestion, constipation, diarrhea, stomach problems, headaches, sore joints, muscle pain, dry eye-mouth, etc. ,  is the result of dehydration.  When your stomach is empty and you are dehydrated, those that your close to will tend to keep their distance. 

  Natural Cures, Remedies & Advisement.  How to: Tips on Removing Bad Breath. 

To get the tips and the full story click on the link above.  Before you click on the link to get the most popular breath freshending remedies and tips, comment on what works for you, or other recommendations.  See how many remedies you get right, or that you can contribute to this blog summary befor reading the full story. 

 Digestion problems can occur in vegetarian as well as meat eaters causing bad breath for both.  Try combinations of bad breath problem fix tips above.  What works for one, may not work for others.  Research the Internet under key words I’ve provided at the link above.  Get further insight into combination(s) of successful fresh breath hygiene practices and overall health habits that impact and improve breath.

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