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MirrorAthlete Before Book Publication


Updated: 10 March 2020, by Marc Woodard

A former client Sid asked specific questions regarding information I posted on MirrorAthlete’s first web site back in 2007. His questions provided an opportunity to share more of the company’s history with other reader’s and reflect on how we got into publishing our first book.

[Sid wrote] “I can’t seem to locate your MirrorAthlete pain chronicles I read back in the early years. I remember it as a unique informational pain management and personalized chronicles website. Have your memoirs been moved? ‘Where can I find them? And do you still take on clients for fit healthy lifestyle consultation and customized fitness and assessment programming? Im also interested to learn more on how you improved your fitness levels after injuries and chronic pain story.” 

A friend of mine coincidentally lives in your neck of the woods. She also recalled like I did, you produced and sold nutritional supplements under the name of Dynamic Dimensions in Tigard and surrounding cities, while offering 1:1 services in fitness assessments in the 90’s for a consulting fee.”

I’m looking to become more fit and increase muscle mass and lose weight naturally. But now feel I’m losing ground because of lower body joint pain. Although I’m working with my doctor and yet another fitness trainer, ‘they don’t have that unique fitness trainer – pain management perspective I understand you’ve mastered. I see you’re on LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter.

And a City councilor in your home town Tigard, OR since 2011-18. ‘You’ve not slowed down a bit – especially after what I remember of your 5 year mobility challenge.” 

“I also hear you walk on average 7-10 miles daily on a regular basis and no longer take on clients.  ‘would you consider taking on a former client?”

Sincerely, Sid.

From the Desk of Marc Woodard,

Sid, so good to hear back from you after all these years. Thank you for reaching out. You and your friends memory of what I was doing years ago is impressive.

Unfortunately I take on few clients these days… however I would make an exception for you. I found it more productive to put that knowledge and energy into a soon to be released ‘Very Unique’ fit healthy lifestyle book – A fitness and health book like no other… now that the book is published, it’s like I’m right there with you. Once you begin reading it the personal touch and consulting logic will be very familiar to you and comfort for others looking for similar lifestyle change support.

Beth and I still keeping the fitness faith by working out daily, Sep 2019.

I’ve included the personalized fitness and healthy lifestyle programs, processes and practices I used during past client consultations. Some will be familiar to you and a lot of new information I didn’t have at the time, e.g., industry secrets, client cases and stories; and my personal physical adversity challenge.

Once I became my own client’ – I also became forever “Ageless MirrorAthlete” with a renewed life purpose. My job now is to manage personal health and maintain sustainable mobility so I can be there for my family and community for years to come.

To answer your question directly, the pain chronicle link to the old web site contained memoirs throughout 2007-08. I ran that journal for just over a year while I was rehabbing my way back to good health and mobility after disease, injury and surgeries challenged me physically, mentally and spiritually for many years to follow. … Even before this time, and years after working with you, I began to outline a book publication ideal during a 1999 Mexican Rivera cruise. Little did I know, I’d actually published a book in 2019 based on that initial outline. It was larger than any project I’ve ever undertaken… and harder to put into words than ever imaged.  I began chipping away at it in 2010. But really got serious about the ideal of publishing the book in 2012.

In 2018 – I thought, “God willing, it will be published this year. …” [Agless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More,” was published, 1 Jan 2019].

In early 2008 I decided to pull the MirrorAthlete Pain Chronicles from the original site and placed some of that context into the book manuscript. The original manuscript outlined in 1999 read more like a bunch of short stories. At that time I was not well versed on how to integrate factual information, with personal experiences and client stories.

“I wrote many manuscript versions after the first one, but still lacked an interesting story line and crux that would capture the heart, mind and spirit of anyone looking to self-improve themselves physically, mentally and spiritually – And would want to refer back to the content time and time again as lifestyle change programming needs occurred.”

Unfortunately for me I was more or less a skilled technical writer… not a creative story teller. Two very different and distinct writing styles. Learning how to integrate the two, including narration is not an easy ordeal.

So there you have it. It took years of failed manuscripts and grammatically incorrect submissions learning how to piece this thing together.

Marc Woodard, Oct 2018, East Mediterranean cruise contemplating 2nd Total Hip replacement [complete: Jan 2020]

I look back at those Chronicle posts and early article publications from 2007-2012; my writing style and grammar wasn’t good. I continue to slowly update article archives at this site. I have a lot of updating to do on older articles past 2018. I’ve also begun working on a second Ageless MirrorAthlete book which will be self-published by MirrorAthlete. Stay tuned for the sub-title.

Initially I didn’t plan to start a fitness and health information and articles publication web site based business… And still wasn’t sure I wanted to write a book since I didn’t consider myself a good writer. Even today it’s still a challenge to stay focused on writing well.

Recall, I nearly quit writing after submitting my first manuscript…

I hired a self-publishing review service to critique the chapter contents – they thought the content was great – however, they recommended I make ~550 changes. At that time the book was a 25 chapter manuscript.

Well hell, “I might as well have just thrown it in the garbage.” The whole thing was marked up in red. What an Ego-Defeating blow. Like many new authors, I had to make a decision, “Quit or press on, ‘thankfully I pressed on.”

Once I incorporated the principled fit healthy lifestyle philosophy into the umpteenth revised manuscript… “I don’t know – I lost count,”  Everything began to fall in place. I knew I had something special and different than anything else out there in the marketplace.

“This is when the real work began – polishing and revising and modifying it to perfection before publication.”

I chose a self-publishing and editorial services to help me through minor book editing, styling and grammatical polishing. I was finally ready to submit a new and improved manuscript unlike the one marked up in red. This manuscript had significantly improved from it’s 25 Chapter version, to a lean 18 Chapters, with a whole lot more bang for the buck.

The new and improved manuscript fully incorporated MirrorAthlete’s 18 principled fit healthy lifestyle philosophy based on unique lifetime experiences, client cases, industry knowledge, fitness consulting trade secrets and a lifetime of relative education and experience.

In ending each chapter I’ve also included my Personalized Fitness Challenge Story relative to each chapters content, including programming processes and practices I used for years for clients like you. The chapters contents are also backed by hundreds of professional citations throughout the book.

Ageless MirrorAthlete, “Overweight and Unfit No More,” Ch17, Longevity Secrets Divulged, Cartoonist John Fiedler.

And to make it even more appealing for visual readers there are ~50 unique satirical cartoons, including useful tables and forms similar to what I used during 1:1 client consults. Our Cartoonist John Fiedler does not disappoint in humor which support the fit healthy lifestyle change context. Please feel free to learn more about John and his lifetime work by clicking on Ole Fuzz Cartoons.

Sid, now you can catch up with the rest of the MirrorAthlete and Pain Management story…

I’ll admit I’ve become a much better writer from those early years. I know the book quality and competitive writing style and consumer value is there. The recent book reviews after publication are better than I could have hoped for… listing the book as a [RECOMMEND]. This is representative of a grade A book.

It seems prior to publishing I read each chapter a hundred times. And to tell you the truth the content became more captivating to a point where I look forward to a reading it again and again… as I know others will. Often as I read, I still can’t believe I’m the author – It’s almost as if someone else wrote it “I have to pinch myself… ‘Yep it’s me.”

I guarantee – The reader will often refer back to it as I have; a lifetime reference to receive timeless customized fit healthy lifestyle change programming advise to sustain a state of mental, physical and spiritual well-being for a lifetime.

If struggling with physical, mental and spiritual adversity… I know the continuing Personal fitness Challenge Stories at the end of each chapter will resonate on a personal level; and be of great comfort. Especially those with mobility challenges, injury and disease.

Now thousands of consumers like you [Sid] will have my 1:1 consulting services without paying a consulting fee and continue to live life to the fullest regardless of fitness or health condition.

By having access to my timeless principled fit healthy lifestyle consumer truths and programming processes, anyone can experience living life to the fullest and without paying hundreds of dollars in learning how to achieve and sustain it.

Sid, thank you so much for the memories and opportunity to share MirrorAthlete history and update our readers on the making of MirrorAthlete and where to find the book.

“Good health to you and your family!” And thank you for your support.



Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2018-20 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., www.mirrorathlete.org, Sign up for your free monthly newsletter.

Ageless MirrorAthlete Appreciates the Outreach Support


 20 December 2019, by Marc Woodard

MirrorAthlete Inc., intends to educate the public on hard to find natural and safe fit healthy lifestyle information through its health literacy education and outreach efforts. We are looking for support to help us with our outreach goal. To get our book into the hands of those who want to improve their lives physically, mentally and spiritually by divulging hard to find marketplace truths.

Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” reads like no other fit healthy lifestyle book. In many ways, the 10 years in the making prior to publication was designed to be a timeless fitness and healthy habits self-help and personal development consumer programming book with powerful marketplace truths and personal client and author stories. It will resonate with anyone who’s experienced similar lifestyle change challenges and shows anyone how to live the life they need, want and deserve now. And best of all its applicable to all demographics within any culture.

Ageless MirrorAthlete Saving a Nation One Person at a Time.

If you lack the motivation to break an addictive habit or behavior; or want to advance a fitness, physical performance and/or health goal, etc., to the next level [which includes natural and safe permanent weight loss], we shown how to customize a program for you. The hundreds of professional citations and hard to find chapter content will motivate anyone to increase the will power to stay the fit healthy lifestyle change course. We don’t sell hype – only marketplace and industry truths on how to achieve the lifestyle change goal to live the life you need, want and deserve NOW!

Ageless MirrorAthlete unmasks a marketplace littered with man made celebrity products and services that promise fast anti-aging and fitness enhancement results… “some appear to work short term, while others don’t work at all… And in most cases ‘likely’ increase health risk.”  Consumers will soon learn they don’t have to go the unsafe route to achieve a physical or well-being result at the expense of health while emptying the wallet. 

If you’re tired of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for fitness, vanity, well-being and diet products  and other celebrity fad gimmicks that don’t work long term, or not at all and want to avoid repeating the same failed results, look no further. …

Ageless MirrorAthlete is an informative, inspirational and a motivational read, with client and author insight examples that will resonate with anyone on a personal level. 

Those who experience physical, mental and spiritual adversity and pain challenges can also relate and use the same tools provided within the book to help advance any fitness, well-being or health goal.  The book provides a “secondary and continuing personal author adversity back-story at the end of each chapter,” which is relevant to each book chapters content. Also covering limited mobility and health challenges that can be improved upon through self-referred medical knowledge and customized fitness programming self-help insight.

Visit MirrorAthlete.com our Free healthy lifestyle information site and consider supporting our health literacy education and outreach goal by purchasing a book and/or purchasing an affiliated amazon product and sharing our outreach vision, the book and our site with your friends, family and community.

We’d truly appreciate the support!

Other ways to support our health literacy outreach and educational efforts –click on our MirrorAthlete FaceBook page “LIKE” button.  We appreciate the support.

Good health to you and your family!

Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2020 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., www.mirrorathlete.org, Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.

Emerging Science Extending Life Past 200 years


Last Updated: 13 April 2019 by Marc Woodard

Believe it or not – biologically our bodies are capable of living 120 years. And that lifespan appears to be dependent upon many factors including our environment, culture and lifestyle.

One only needs to make a comparison from the early 1800s average life span and how short it was and how it increased from ~37 to 47 years of age by the end of the 19th century. By the mid-1950s one could expect to live an average life span of 68 years. Today, that average has now reached 79 years of age.

Like nature’s endless hand of time – so too we may experience..

Many scientists now believe a 120 year life span average is not impossible because of advancements in emerging genomic, and micro-Nano processing technologies. I know this all sounds Sci-Fi to many of you, but I assure you these emerging technologies are  real and advancing at warp speed.

Simply by viewing a window of time (~200 years) our average life span has increased 225%, or 44 additional years. To be fair, most of that 225% increase occurred during the mid-20th century due to the advancements of science. By today’s science – in order to achieve an average 100-120 year life span for a majority of any population… something within and outside of lifestyle, environment and conventional medical practices must change.

“With todays technology, its not so far fetched to believe the 120 year lifespan may soon be possible for a majority -rather than reserved for a few.”

Today the likelihood of living to the age of 100-120 years is reserved for a few. Yes, there are recorded individuals that lived 122 years. And in areas without official birth records, local clerics and residents have claimed they knew of people living past 150 years of age. With today’s technology, its not so far fetched to believe the 120 year lifespan may soon be possible for a majority rather than reserved for a few.

Let’s take a look at a couple of anti-aging and longevity experiments going on today. And in doing so better understand how one could live to 120 and beyond in good health. Also answer another question, can this longevity objective be achieved without advanced medical treatment through diet?

Recent studies show within rhesus monkey experiments at the University of Wisconsin, restricted diets slow down the bodies aging process. Although it is not understood exactly what mechanisms causes this – the studies show restricted calories simultaneously slow down the progression of disease as we age. So what do scientists take away from animal studies like these? By reducing daily intake 20-30% but not starvation dieting. It is said the CR (Calorie Restricted) diet could allow a human being to live maybe 135 to 140 years. Members of the Delaney’s group (Brian Delany is the president of Calorie Restriction Society) generally consumes fewer than 2000 calories a day. However it is also acknowledged by other restricted diet practitioners, it is not practical for a majority of population to endure a CR diet in hopes of achieving a 135-140 age result.

“The answers to fountain of youth solutions are being studied through a new millennial set of eyes.”

The answers to fountain of youth solutions are being studied through a new millennial set of eyes. These new age scientists believe it is now possible to extend human life by hundreds of years, not just decades or a century! So let’s look into their innovative mindset of how 100 or 200 years additional life could naturally progress to reality. The method to this madness is fueled by emerging sciences and technologies.

What are these technologies showing and telling us about weight management and ill-health prevention and control? By genetically turning-off the feeling of hunger without the subject feeling any sense of starvation. In the future, doctors will accomplish this task by having a patient swallow a nanobot pill that would switch on-off a DNA-gene string sequences that tell the brain 2000 calories of food per day is enough subsistence. Or how about a pill that was able to target a diseased gene string… then re-code and repair its DNA sequence. Wouldn’t this technology be of value to someone that is challenged with diabetes… heart condition or other ill-health conditions due to bad or addictive food habits?

In essence remove or short circuit a bad switch to cure disease, curve appetite and extend life…

Recall, it wasn’t long ago man believed it impossible to fly and send a man to the moon.

Science has acknowledged it possible to slow down the aging gene considerably through various genome treatments not yet discovered. In San Francisco there was a gene altering experiment on microscopic worms where their average life span is 13 days. Professor Cynthia Kenyon was able to increase some of their life spans by 6 times, simply by altering one specific gene and where the worms live a healthy productive life throughout the duration. This validates the genes that cause us to age are not fixed.

Lets take a closer look at the bio-genome discipline to understand how these advancing technologies make it possible to double life expectancy through genome technology. Geneticists [scientists who study genes and heredity] are making new discoveries everyday showing how it’s possible to biologically treat and cure disease and extend life. But in order to fully appreciate these possibilities a basic understanding of genetics and some presumptions must be made to grasp where this technology is heading and likelihood of patient treatment application within our lifetime.

… “no two people could ever have the same DNA gene code string sequences within a chromosome nucleus.”

There are approximately 30,000 genes that influence our growth and development throughout the human lifecycle. Now imagine how many combinations of DNA genetic code sequences could be made out of all of those genes that influence the metabolism, hormonal, circulatory, blood, skeletal and organ functions. And within these 30,000 gene combinations – they are completely different and unique than any other individual. That means no two people could ever have the same DNA gene code string sequences within a chromosome nucleus.

We all have 23 pairs of chromosomes that make up human attributes and sequenced in the same order of decreasing size. So at the 100,000 foot ceiling we can identify chromosome and some cellular genetic structures connected to a limited number of abnormalities.

What the cutting edge science is doing now that’s exciting within the realm of life extension possibilities. It’s what we now see occurring at ground level that’s revolutionary.

In order to relate to the new technologies being applied to chromosomes and DNA gene code sequence studies… it is best to paint this picture through an analogy you can identify with.

“When a chromosome book in the library is out of order it is easy to identify that missing out of place book.”

Our chromosomes are aligned in order like a library of encyclopedia books. That is, we can determine when a book is missing in our chromosome library. When a chromosome book in the library is out of order it is easy to identify that missing out of place book. However DNA genetic code strings bound onto a chromosomes nucleus is much harder to decode – similar to reversing a cellular mutation [i.e., illness, disorder and disease].

This is where understanding of genetics gets way more complicated but possible to define, relate and apply the path science must take to to break the average life extension barrier.

To reach this understanding we must first define genome. It is the complete set of genes or genetic material present in a cell or organism. These genes reside within the structure of any animal’s chromosome cells nucleus, where there are threadlike linear strands of DNA circled and bound to associated cell proteins. Humans have the same 46 types of chromosomes in number and order with the exception when it comes to sex determination. That is the 23rd pair of chromosomes is different. XX chromosome (female) and the distinctive XY chromosome (male).

Our unique genetic code resides within each chromosome [book]. And the DNA gene strings within each cells chromosomes are uniquely color coded with the genetic transcription of both parents. Therefore our genetic code sequence reads more like a story or words used within a books chapters and as unique as a finger print, or snow flake. Recall – No two people could ever have the same DNA coded story.

Now imagine a super-tiny micro bio-factory that could be introduced into the blood or immune circulatory system, that targets, re-codes and resets the aging or diseased chromosome gene code sequence. Just like updating a sentence within a books chapter. Although no two people have the same chapter stories – we all have the same book titles. It’s the individual ill-health story that reads wrong… whereby it now appears possible to edit and read right and rid the ill-health story within the body. Thereby reversing illness, disease and slowing down the aging process.

Genomics has advanced greatly over the last decade, now known as Genome Technology. The Genome Technology Branch (GTB) is a specialized group of research scientists that have developed world-class scientific control standards in innovative technology studies on gene isolation. This science allows gene isolation research to occur on a segment of a chromosome DNA molecule that codes and sequences, to include computational analysis of chromosome protein and linear DNA sequencing, etc. It is known through these studies that the color coding of our genes occupy certain space on a DNA gene string and on any one of 23 pairs of chromosomes in nearly every cell of our body. A blood sample is now the most common method to determine a biological DNA match. The same confirmation of genetic match can be found within the saliva, other bio-fluids, skin, hair and exoskeleton.

.. “within the 21st century science will be able to target a genetic defect(s) within a singular chromosome DNA string to cure cancer without second guessing treatment alternatives.”

If the chromosomes are the books that make up our library, then once opened the words and sentences are the 30,000 gene combinations of off-on switches that influence our unique growth and development, aging process and risk of acquiring disease. Now you can better understand how gene sequencing at the molecular level has unique DNA code per individual and why illness and disease (i.e., cancer, etc.,) is challenging to treat with current modern medicine and medical technologies.

It now appears likely one day soon and within the 21st century… science will be able to target a genetic defect(s) within a singular chromosome DNA string to cure cancer without second guessing treatment alternatives. And this will be accomplished by re-sequencing (and/or) turn on/off DNA gene strand connections as common treatment protocol. Whereby the cure will likely be treated through a bio-nanobot-factory processor that targets DNA defects within the books sentence structure [chromosomes nucleus].

What is a nanobot and how does it relate to these super tiny processor bio-factories better known as Nano robotics.

Nanobot is a new conceptual nanoscale organic-like robot (0.1 – 10 micrometers with ~1.5 nanometer switches). Its factory platform functions like a biochemical-medical repair center who’s processing size and speeds far exceed current computer processing technology. For example, our computer processors function in micro seconds (1 millionth of a second) on relative processor scale and platform. Where we’re heading in genome science is a super charged Nano-robotic processing time (1 billionth of a second) on a biochemical-compatible sized organic switching relay-repair platform that targets the sentence in need of editing.

Technololy has come a long way since… “The Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787, by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and ratified by conventions in eleven states. It went into effect on March 4, 1789” [Bing Search Engine 2019]. You can’t help but think… what would they have thought about someone telling them a 100-200 years life extension was possible – well beyond their average 37-47 years life expectancy.

In the future these tiny bio-repair factories will be ideal to inject or consume as medicine that targets and makes the necessary cellular repairs. But we’re still too big to operate on a Nano-processing platform and don’t have a working prototype yet. However, the micro-processing scalability already exists and it just a matter of time before Nano processing technology becomes available for medical genome treatment on humans. As micro and Nano-processing technologies merge and advance, so does the microbiology and genomic mapping coordination to identify chromosome nucleus defects and re-coding a target site.

Using computer processer technology to advance genome science is possible because our body’s cellular structures function a lot like a computer processor. And the cellular functions of the body is mapped like a software code that makes DNA functional repairs possible through biochemical-electrical properties. Therefore it is more likely than not this technology at some point will be able to extend life, cure cancer and medical treatment as we know it today becomes dated and obsolete.

It’s only a matter of time…

It is possible within our lifetime to visit a medical doctor and be injected or swallow a pill that contains super-tiny organic bio-processor robotic factories that circulate throughout the blood stream and make necessary repairs, cure disease and slow down the aging process.

Regardless of how you feel about the science and the morality of it… anti-aging and advanced genome and other medical science and processor technologies are emerging industries… I’d literally take stock in.


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Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2015-19 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., www.mirrorathlete.org, Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.