MirrorAthlete Rates & Recommends Home Use and Portable Exercise Equipment


“When Co-Vid struck, it changed everything for everyone.”

“I dismantled and sold off my home gym equipment years ago when fitness memberships became so reasonable, it didn’t make sense to update and maintain a home fitness center for 1:1 fitness programming services.” … [Read the rest of my home gym rebuild story below the recommended Home Use products I purchased to build my professional home use fitness center]. …

Each home use fitness product below is rated and reviewed by Marc Woodard, Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” author and Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consultant. Learn more about Marc Woodard and his extensive education and experience background in everything fitness, health and nutrition related.

He reviews and rates each product item listed. If he personally has tried a product, or uses it within his home gym, he will mention why he likes the product and rate it. Marc plans to add pic’s/videos of fitness equipment listed on this page… equipment he personally uses within his home gym. Look for these additions NLT Aug 30, 2020.

Stay tunned for pics and video’s in a separate linked page showing how he uses the equipment. Learn more about Marc and MirrorAthlete through Amazon’s Author free book preview… “Look Inside.” Also, click on MirrorAthlete FaceBook page to right and like us to show your support. We sponsor “Fitness and Healthy Lifesytle Change” group page

Now at 61, I’m rebuilding a professional exercise space using half my garage. Until complete, I make use of a few free weights and other equipment retained throughout the years [as seen above the recommended fitness products list]… on walks I also exercise using outdoor resources. E.g., when the gyms and dining facilities closed, I used outdoor tables to squeeze in a few bicep curls, and perform triceps dips and pushups.

Currently, my home gym is 65% complete. I’ll be adding pic’s here to show the progression. You’ll also note Items I purchased below in my fitness studio.