9 Jan 2020 – Marc Woodard speaking on how expanded public use recreation amenities and opportunities build sustainable and aging in place communities.

A big thanks to Tigard, OR afternoon rotary for inviting me to speak on the principles founded within Ageless MirrorAthlete book. Last part of the presentation covered Tigard Recreation committee (TRC) – putting the community building principles expanding recreation opportunities for everyone to task. Our purpose is to raise the capital necessary to build a recreation center in tigard, putting our kids first… and without using taxpayer dollars. Slide show presentation background picture is our committee members working to build a desired aging in place community through recreation activities and educational outreach. Instagram: @woodardmirrorathleteauthor; Facebook and Twitter @mirrorathlete #marcwoodard #agelessmirrorathlete

Jan 2020 – MirrorAthlete Advertised Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” book, by Marc Woodard

in the Forecast Catalog. The book was advertised on January 2020 Issue

1 Oct 2019LOCAL RADIO INTERVIEW- ALPHA MEDIA, Marc Woodard Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” author was interviewed by Lucinda Kay at Alpha-Media radio, Portland OR on”SpeakingFreely-AgelessMirrorAthlete program SEPT 29, 2019.” Lucinda “wishing you all the best,” and a big thank you and your Alpha-Media family. Cheers! Go to page with radio interview Now.

LOCAL RADIO INTERVIEW- ALPHA MEDIA, Marc Woodard Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” author was interviewed by Lucinda Kay at Alpha-Media radio, Portland OR on”SpeakingFreely-AgelessMirrorAthlete program SEPT 29, 2019.” Lucinda “wishing you all the best,” and a big thank you and your Alpha-Media family. Cheers! Go to page with interview Now.

28 Sept 2019

Marc Woodard RADIO INTERVIEW by Lucinda Kay from Alpha Media, Portland OR, 29 SEP 2019

HOW TO TUNE INTO THE EVENT: There are two times and radio stations the interview will air on 29 SEP 2019 – Tune into: FM KINK 101.9 at 6AM; or Tune into: FM KXL 101.1 at 7AM.

SEP 2019 Ageless MirrorAthlete Book “Overweight and Unfit No More” is listed in Readers Digest, October 2019, page 30. 

8/21/19 – Ageless MirrorAthlete book is included in this year’s BEIJING INTERNATIIONAL BOOK FAIR Beijing, China / August 21-25, 2019 – Book Show and Exhibit – Beijing Book Fair Book Exhibit. Check out link attached below page 25 [Organized by the Combined Book Exhibit and American Collective Stand]. Reference Book in book show listing now.

8/17/19 Ageless MirrorAthlete Author Reveals Hard to Find Fitness Truths and More VIDEO Watch Now.

There are few fit healthy lifestyle consultants with over 40-years’ experience willing to give up fitness and exercise and diet programming industrial and trade secrets at the expense of losing clients and revenues.” Learn what put the author on this public fit healthy lifestyle disclosure course and how this consumer health literacy knowledge can stamp out childhood and adult obesity and related illness and disease and so much more. …

Tigard Street Fair – Ageless MirrorAthlete Author Book Signing

Marc Woodard will have a booth at this year’s Tigard Street Fair, Tigard OR, September 7th from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM PDT for book signing (street fair is open until 8pm).

Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” book by Marc Woodard will be for available for sale with authors signature at a discounted price.

We appreciate your support at our FaceBook page MIRRORATHLETE with your “LIKES.” Help us spread our educational fit healthy message for families and communities through this social media platform.

He will also raffle off 10 signed books and donate the raffle money to Tigard Community Recreation Committee (TCRC) – Their vision is to expand city recreation opportunities in Tigard. TCRC is a citizen group looking to become a nonprofit organization. Who’s vision is to raise the money to build a community recreation center in Tigard – Operated by the YMCA and “without asking taxpayers to pay for it.”

Marc serves currently as TCRC chair [Former Tigard City Councilor]. Learn more about this grass root committee effort on FB page @ “Tigard Recreation for Everyone” and support this vision with a “LIKE,” And show up to our booth and contribute to the raffle.
Help us fund our nonprofit status and expand recreation and health literacy and public recreation for all ages.

Marc looks forward to meeting everyone at the Street Fair. His booth location will be posted before the event.

#mirrorathlete #agelessmirrorathlete #TigardRecreationForEveryone #marcwoodard MirrorAthlete #tigardstreetfair

7/15/19 Ageless MirrorAthlete Book Receives US Review (Eric Hoffer). By Donna Ford. The final result of the review: RECOMMENDED by the US Review. Read the Review Now.

July 9, 2019 – Marc is a guest speaker at Tigard Breakfast Rotary Club – Speaking on: “Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” Book. Making a connection to Public Recreation, Health Literacy and Wellness programming for all ages and community at large… The book content is much more than a fitness, health and weight loss book….

  • A big thanks to Ted Magnusom [member and novelist: The Bouchard Legacy] for the invite to share the book with so many Rotarians – thank you for all the great international and community work you do on a daily basis.
  • Marc spoke on the MirrorAthlete Book Journey, his biography, and beginnings of MirrorAthlete Inc. He also spoke on… while serving City Council – How this service inspired him to set the City Recreation and Economic goal and how this connects to healthy community building and safe neighborhoods, etc.,
  • These experiences and much more inspired him to customize the book context to include the value of public recreation and health literacy education that should be offered within our K-12 school curriculum.

“This book represents a fitness and healthy lifestyle program for all ages. And a consultants blue print on how to define, relate and apply this information within community and educational settings as well as customizing a fit healthy program for the individual. This is the consumer safety and awareness guide to living life to the fullest while staying fit.”

Marc is available as a guest speaker within the local area. Contact him through this web site.

To learn more about Ageless MirrorAthlete Book, or purchase the book learn more here, or purchase book at Amazon, B&N or iUniverse

Announcement: June 20, 2019 – MirrorAthlete publisher iUniverse has registered and entered Ageless MirrorAthlete book for the Eric Hoffer Book Award. The Eric Hoffer Award is a grassroots effort to promote independent books. The contest closes on January 21st of each award year, and entrants will be notified of winners during May.

Eric Hoffer Award Details – After the contest, books (e-books excluded) will be donated to libraries, schools, and hospitals where appropriate, which are fine places to promote your book! The Eric Hoffer Award, with permission from the Hoffer estate, was created by noted author Christopher Klim who wanted the type of award for which he’d register his own book. For a decade, he’s kept the entrance fee at marginal levels to cover a small judges’ honorarium and expensive book shipment. There are over 100 judges who read and evaluate every book twice or more. Unlike other awards, a single category entry qualifies your book for not only category and grand prize consideration, but also press type awards, the Montaigne Medal, the da Vinci Eye, and (if it’s a first book) the First Horizon Award.

Jun 21 – Jun 24, 2019 MirrorAthlete book is included in this year’s New Title Showcase Show Book Exhibit – BookExpo America Book

You may view an electronic copy of the catalog

Book Listing #487, on New Title Showcase – page 54 ___AGELESS MIRRORATHLETE: Overweight And Unfit No More Marc T. Woodard, iUniverse, Ageless MirrorAthlete shares advice and tips for anyone interested in customizing a fitness program to meet their unique wellbeing needs and attain a healthier lifestyle., $24.95, PB ISBN 13: (978-1-532-05371-9) 2019., USD34.95, HC ISBN 13: (978-1-532-05372-6) 2019, HEALTH & FITNESS > General
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4/30/2019 – MirrorAthlete April 2019 Newsletter – Articles: “Camas Day in Dirksen Nature Park” and Emerging Science Extending Life Past 200 years. Read Now

4/25/2019 – Ageless MirrorAthlete Book in NY Times Sunday Book Review Section – April 21, 2019 Issue – left column, second book.

4/21/2019 – Former Tigard councilor pens comprehensive book on health, fitness. I’d personally like to thank Pamplin for sharing Ageless MirrorAthlete book publication and supporting local authors.

4/18/2019 – Ageless MirrorAthlete, appears online: Emerging Voices, “Author Solution Indie Voice Selection, 2nd Quarter Issue of 2019.

4/10/2019Ageless MirrorAthlete included within 2019 Association of College and Research Libraries.Learn More About it.

4/5/2019 – Ageless MirrorAthlete, “Overweight and Unfit No More” Press Release has been distributed over the newswire to over 30,000 opt-in journalists and bloggers.

4/3/2019 – MirrorAthlete Media Blog VideoIntroduction to the new book and site offerings. Click on UTube video link below: