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MirrorAthlete TRX Suspension Trainer System Product Rating and Review


TRX Suspension Trainer systems/packages are absolutely a must have piece of exercise equipment for any fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to lose weight and stay fit healthy at home, or on the go. TRX suspension products are affordable, extremely durable and nearly every exercise can be performed using one. They can be used in small room space and easily adapts for outdoor exercises through specialized anchor straps. I love my TRX Suspension System and Use it routinely. I highly recommend the product” [Marc Woodard, Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consultant].

Marc Woodard using TRX Pro 4 in his garage gym.

“TRX GO Suspension Trainer System: Lightweight & Portable| Full Body Workouts, All Levels & All Goals| Includes Get Started Poster, 2 Workout Guides & Indoor/Outdoor Anchors”

MA Rating ????? Excellent

“Incredible results in just 20 minutes. TRX gives you the power to hit fitness goals at home and on the go. Our digital workouts teach you EASY Core Strengthening Exercises that Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Increase Endurance & Improve Flexibility—making you Train, Look & Rapidly-Feel like a Powerful Professional Athlete now” (TRX Go Suspension Trainer System 2021). Easy to anchor for outdoor/indoor use.

TRX GO Suspension Trainer System

TRX Pro 4 Suspension System – All In One Home Gym Bundle: Includes All-In-One Suspension Trainer, Indoor & Outdoor Anchors, TRX XMount Wall Anchor, 4 Exercise Bands & Shaker Bottle?

MA Rating ????? Excellent

“One bundle, everything you need – The all-in-one bundle includes all the gear you need for full body workouts anywhere you want, anytime you want! Includes All-In-One suspension trainer, Indoor/Outdoor Anchors, a 35-Page Full-Color Workout Guide, a TRX X-Mount wall anchor, 4 different strength Exercise Bands and our best-selling TRX Shaker bottle (TRX All in One Home Gym Bundle 2021)

MA Review: TRX Suspension Trainer systems/packages are absolutely a must have piece of exercise equipment… so versatile and useful. We can’t image not having a TRX in our exercise equipment arsenal. The quality and usefulness and exercise application of this product receives our highest rating. We have tested this product at our home office and find it also to be very light weight, easy to pack and take on the road. No need to pay for gym memberships on the road, or look for exercise space in a hotel room. This product works for nearly every indoor and outdoor exercise application.

“If we could give any TRX product or bundle a higher rating – I would [Marc Woodard, Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consultant]

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