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LOCAL RADIO INTERVIEW – ALPHA MEDIA, Marc Woodard Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” author was interviewed by Lucinda Kay at Alpha-Media radio, Portland OR on”SpeakingFreely-AgelessMirrorAthlete program SEPT 29, 2019.” Lucinda “wishing you all the best,” and a big thank you and your Alpha-Media family. Cheers!

The interview broadcast at 6 am on FM KINK 101.9 and 7 am on FM KXL 101.1. Click on the play button below to listen to the Marc Woodard interviewed by Lucinda Kay.

Marc Woodard Radio Interview with Alpha Media by Lucinda Kay – Press button.



Marc talks about the book, personal challenges and how challenging it is for book authors to complete any book project. The radio interview will appeal to all aspiring book authors and especially fitness, performance enhancement, sports, health and weight loss consumers, consultants, educators, etc., looking for those hard to find fit healthy lifestyle secrets they need and want now.


What Inspired you to write the Book? I spent years working within the fitness, health and recreation business. In 1999 while on a Mexican Riviera cruise – I thought long and hard about my future goals. This included sharing with consumers what I knew about the industries I worked within. I learned through education, life adversities, employment, business ventures and client consults – too many people are willing to try a diet product, potion or pill to achieve an anti-aging or fitness goal; and with limited understanding of the addictive and chemical properties of products and services that increase health risk. I’ve found the marketplace to be wrought with deception especially within the Fitness, Big-Ag and Drug, Diet and Anti-Aging industries. I wrote Ageless MirrorAthlete because the marketplace has been putting consumer health interests second to theirs. More than a few consumer advocates need to standup and expose how and why Americas increasing illness and disease related problems are on the rise and how the marketplace is connected to these things. Who better to expose the insider’s truths than someone who’s spent years working within the industries and marketplaces.

Summarize your book in one to three sentences as if you were speaking to someone unfamiliar with your book and its topic. Ageless MirrorAthlete shows how Big Pharma, Agriculture, Fitness, Health, Diet and Anti-aging industries harm consumers by selling over processed foods, diet potions and pills; programs and services that offer half-truths and flat out lies that increase health risk. Learn how to customize a natural and safe fitness and healthy habit program to lose weight, get fit, feel well and live life to the fullest without increasing health risk.

What is the overall theme (central topic, subject of concept) of your book? Learn how to customize a fit healthy habits and active lifestyle program relevant to your fitness and health goals. Ageless MirrorAthlete reveals the hard to find Industry secrets – showing anyone how to safely, naturally and permanently lose the weight you want while getting fitter and feeling well without increasing health risk.

Where does the book take place? While in the Air Force Reserves I wrote and developed fitness-health-and-nutrition course materials and applied exercise science as a fitness consultant and instructor for the Air Force Reserve Command Morale, Welfare and Recreation (AFRC MWR) HQs Warner Robins Air Force Base in Georgia from 1989 to 1996. As a subject matter expert in exercise science, also known as exercise physiology, I coauthored Working on Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition, Keys to Good Health. The book was published, and ~190,000 copies were circulated to all air force reservists, as well as to other military branches of service, during the mid-nineties. It was during this time I’d considered a career change and began thinking about writing a fit healthy lifestyle book. It wasn’t until 1999 on a Mexican Rivera Cruise I actually began writing the conceptual outline for Ageless MirrorAthlete, Overweight and Unfit No More and would realize its publication 19 years later.

Who are the main characters and why are they important to the story? The main characters in the book are past cliets, and aquaintances. I’m also a character in my own personal adversity story at the end of each chapter. To show those who suffer physical, mental or spiritual pain, options on how to alleviate those things and move on with life – I show consumers how I programmed my way out of physical adversity using the information found throughout the book. My Physical Adversity Story began when I became seriously injured – the injury was caused by an insidious AVN (avascular necrosis) bone disease. The disease weakened my right hip, causing it to collapse during advanced army officer training school. I also suffer with AVN of the left hip and a previous broken back with degenerative spine disease. I could personally relate to others who’d overcome much more serious illness, disease, and injury than I had. Many of them pulled through by applying programs I custom built and managed for them while serving in the military as a one-on-one fitness trainer. Through my physical adversity misfortune I’m able to show anyone who’s experiencing physical adversity a plan and program to get more fit, feel well and live life to the fullest.

Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers? The contents of this book are a gold mine of powerful and ageless consumer truths, hard-to-find fitness trainer processes and programs; and stories with useful examples that’ll motivate anyone to believe that overweight and unfit no more is actually an achievable goal and can be sustained for life without increasing health risk. Once these hard-to-find trade secrets and consumer truths are revealed, the consumer is able to define, relate and apply these truths to unlock their full fit healthy lifestyle potential regardless of encompassing being [physical,mental or spiritual] challenges.

How is your book relevant in today’s society? Unbeknownst to many consumers, there are more processed foods and environmental chemicals, addictive pills and potions changing metabolism, genetic code and behaviors – leading to unhealthy lifestyles causing illness and disease more so than at any other time in hisory. Our Western Culture is making America sick, fat and unfit and having a significant impact on our childrens health. By exposing these marketplace truths through health literacey education beginning within our K-12 schools, the overweight and unfit conditions sweeping this nation may be reversed before insidious illness and disease takes hold of the next generation.

Is there any subject currently trending in the news that relates to your book? America is getting fatter and more unfit. This obesity trend is causing more illness and disease. The next generation is not being spared of health related problems. A childhood obesity epidemic seems imminent with 1 in 3-5 children now impacted nationally. The increasing obesity population is having a devastating impact on health insurance premium costs and national productivity loss – while working families and employers pay the tax cost burden.

What makes your book different from other books like it?  Never before has there been a fit healthy lifestyle consultant willing to provide the industry trade secrets, programs and processes and consumer safety data that will show anyone how to customize a safe and natural fit healthy lifestyle program relevant to their needs. While saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on products and services that don’t work and increase health risk.

What do you want your readers to take away from your writing? No matter who you are, or what cultural  background you come from – or what physical , mental or spiritual pain challenge you experience. I’m here to tell you the insight found within this book is like no other. It will change your encompassing being positively one way or the other. The customized fit healthy lifestyle programs and plans and client examples will show anyone how to achieve and sustain the fitness and active lifestyle goals they need and want now. Those who suffer from injury, illness and disease will also receive significant rehabilitation and health care referral knowledge to heal sooner than later and get on with life.

How did you learn about the topic? (i.e., personal experience, education, etc.) The interest in exercise, sport and recreational activities evolved long ago during childhood. As a young adult, these things ultimately led to a B.S. degree in Exercise Science from Portland State University, Portland Oregon. The educational and military experiences and so much more ultimately led to the creation of, Free fitness and healthily lifestyle information site, and publication of Ageless MirrorAthlete, “Overweight and Unfit No More” book.

Is there a particular passage from your book you’d like us to utilize? If so, please provide. Years ago, at the age of forty-three, physical adversity struck. At that time, I dusted off a unique, fit, healthy lifestyle manuscript I’d planned to publish one day. I always knew the principled information could provide anyone the knowledge needed to achieve any fitness goal or heal what ailed him or her naturally”and that included myself. This would be especially true when the mind, body, and spirit were broken and in need of mending. The principled, fit, healthy lifestyle philosophy MirrorAthlete is founded on is uniquely presented in a way that’s academically and intuitively relevant and applicable for anyone young and old. And it will positively motivate any person to become more progressively active and to improve health, fitness levels, and well-being, regardless of the current lifestyle, mobility, and medical condition or environment in which he or she lives. The plethora of citations, client consultation, personal experience, and other examples within the book provide relevant building blocks that can show anyone how to plan and develop a customized fitness and-healthy-habits program to remain forever ageless and to sustain those results safely and naturally for a lifetime. If weight loss, strength, cardio-muscular endurance, flexibility, mobility, healthy longevity, wellness, increased energy, or competitive sport or athletic and physical performance enhancement is your number one goal, then MirrorAthlete has the information you need and want now. The consumer truths are presented and revealed in a way never seen before. Rest assured that all aspects of safe diet and weight loss, anti-aging, physical enhancement and consumer safety awareness, and more are covered in full detail. Learn all this without spending hundreds of dollars on related products and services that don’t work and can’t be sustained. And understand why they make you sick.

Author biography

  1. Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consultant, Home of MirrorAthlete:, 2007-Present.
  2.  Tigard City Councilor, OR 2011-2018
  3. Intel Corporate Employee, Building Services, Retired 1996-2007
  4. Medical Services Branch, ARNG, CPT RET., 1993-2003 (20-years combined military service)
  5. National University, CA – Masters in Business, MBA., 2001 (Graduate)
  6. Officers Military Academy, Monmouth OR 1993 (Graduate, Class 36)
  7. Dynamic Dimensions Supplement and Fitness Business Owner 1988-96
  8. Air Force Reserve Morale, Welfare and Recreation Director, 1988-91
  9. Air National Guard Fitness Manager and Trainer, Portland IAP OR, 1986-88
  10. PSU OR, Practicum: Adult Fitness Instructor 1988, B.S., Exercise Science
  11. Air Force Active Duty, 1983-85
  12. Portland Community College, A.S., 1979-81
  13. Portland State University (PSU), OR, Exercise Science, 1979
  14. Tigard H.S., Tigard OR 1978 (Diploma)

What other book have you written? As a subject matter expert in exercise science, also known as exercise physiology, I coauthored Working on Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition, Keys to Good Health. The book was published, and ~190,000 copies were circulated to all air force reservists, as well as to other military branches of service, during the midnineties. My wife Elizabeth and I received full subject-matter-expert recognition and credit for the publication. I also used the instructor curriculum course [I created after the book] as a guideline for years during one-on-one client consults to build customized fitness programs and used those materials to instruct and train military MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) personnel in Fitness Programming and Assessment, Balanced Diet and Health courses.

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