Ageless MirrorAthlete Book Receives “RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books”


Marc Woodard – Ageless MirrorAthlete Author Book Review by Donna Ford Receives RECOMMENDED by the US Review.

Learn More about the Ageless MirrorAthlete at: . The book can be previewed and purchased at: Amazon and B&N and iUniverse by clicking on the banner.

Not all authors receive the prestigious recommendation by the US Review of Books. We are very proud of the authors achievement.

“This insightful 367-page book is about restoring imbalances so the body can heal itself and provides the information one needs. However, it becomes clear that there is no fast track solution to optimal health. The author’s guide successfully debunks some diet plans, drink mixes, and supplements as possibly unhelpful or even injurious. It also clearly explains the effects food and snacks have on muscle types and how keeping hydrated prevents injuries. Fitness trainers will be amazed to have access to this expertise.”

“Technical subjects are explained well for the average reader, but the elderly will likely need the help of a family member or fitness expert to show how to apply them. Cartoons and encouraging images will spur on skeptics and those who are visually oriented. Terms are defined within the text and can be found in the extensive index … ” (Donna Ford, 2019)

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As a fit healthy lifestyle author and consultant, retired corporate employee and retired Army officer, I've spent many years taking care of my career goals and financial security. It is now my time to give something back to my community. Without a healthy mind, body and spirit it is really difficult to move forward to achieve great things in life. To share information is something everyone of us are capable of doing. And to share fitness and health related information with your children is the best thing you could do for them and your community. Saving the health of our nation one person at a time is our goal. Learn more about Marc Woodard @ LinkedIn Good health to you and your family.

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