Foods That Reduce Stubborn Body Fat


Which Foods Will Help Us Burn Fat Instead of Putting it on?

Last Updated:  16 December 2017, by Marc Woodard

Now a natural and inexpensive self-help weight loss program that doesn’t involve exercise, only food consumption!

I thought it would be interesting and fun to list foods that support burning more body fat.

Often we don’t have time to exercise, but one thing we all do is eat.  And for those of you looking for a healthier food and weight loss plan try the fat burning foods listed below. These are great food substitutes as opposed to eating more processed foods that put on weight.

The foods listed below are known to increase body fat metabolism.

At the end of this article I’ve provided a 30 day weight loss program for you to try and lose weight simply by substituting these foods into your daily diet.

Any bean, or legumes help to burn fat, improve digestion and muscle building.

Berries are great anti-oxidants and help to curve food cravings.

Cinnamon a well known spice enhances blood sugar absorption into working muscles to burn more energy and fewer calories stored as fat. Use ½ o 1 tsp of the spice with your morning oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, tea, coffee etc.

Chili Peppers are not only a hot spice but a great metabolic accelerator. And any pepper you consume will boost to your metabolism and support a greater body fat burn.

Since coffee is a stimulant it is known that it will increase your metabolic system right out the gate first thing in the morning. And in doing so the process of lipolysis (break down of fat) is ramped up. Two cups of coffee per day is a great way to start this fat burning process.

Cooking oils such as Enova oil (soy and canola) does not easily store as fat and also supports the feeling of fullness.

Eggs are good. They assist in burning fat and building muscle.

Fish increases metabolism to begin the fat burning process and provide a sense of fullness.  Increase salmon, tuna and mackerel within your daily diet.

Grapefruit is a who’s who of weight loss enhancing super foods.  Not only a great anti-oxidant but aids in lowering insulin (fat store agent) and helps to better regulate blood sugar and increase metabolism for greater fat burning potential.  Be sure to also eat the white membranes for the best nutrient value.

Green Tea like coffee ramps your system in the same light. By drinking a caffeinated tea that has catechins.  Catechins are flavonoid phytochemical compounds mostly found in green teas.  They are considered potent anti-oxidants with great potential to prevent heart disease and cancer.  Small amounts of this substance are also found in grapes, wine, black chocolate and black tea.  Catechins are said to remove belly fat.  If you want to receive a two-for-one health benefit; increased metabolism and mid-body fat burning agent in the morning, drink approximately 3 cups of green tea per day.

Nuts with the skin intact and almonds are the best to assist in weight reduction. They help to reduce hunger and build muscle.  Peanut butter is a testosterone booster which builds muscle and boosts the metabolism.  Women have smaller amounts of testosterone then men but will also benefit from the fat burning aspects of this fantastic food.

Ensure you consume more Spinach and other green vegetables.  They help reduce the free radicals in the body and are considered an anti-aging food. Vegetables in general are included into many diets where weight loss is a fitness goal. Spinach and other greens also improve muscle recovery after workouts and help to build muscle.

Lean meats such as turkey, chicken (without skin) and lean beef cuts are known to build muscle and boost immune system.  These high protein meats also assist in providing a sense of fullness while suppressing appetite.

Whey helps to burn fat and builds muscle.

Whole grains (brown rice, whole grain cereal, and quinoa) such as those listed in parenthesis consumed in small dosages, i.e. 1-2 cups per day will help prevent the storage of body fat.

Yogurt has probiotic (friendly bacteria) in it where research shows a high correlation in reducing belly fat because the bacteria helps to absorb the fat and use the energy throughout the day as opposed to storing it.  Both low and regular yogurt types provide the same types of friendly bacteria and will do the job. 1-2 cups of yogurt per day should help reduce your body fat.

Dairy Products such as fat-free or 1% low-fat milk cheese also helps to enhance weight loss while building strong bones.

Self Help Body Fat Reduction through 30 Day Fat Burning Food Choices

Simply pick a few food types of these food selections as substitutes for other “unhealthy” foods (e.g., baked, fattening, high sugar/carbohydrate content, or processed foods) you’d normally consume at your normal meal times for the next 30 days [For snacks in between meals only select food types from this list].  As you begin this process ensure you weigh yourself on the scale starting day one and take a tape measurement at the hips and waist.

Don’t step on the scale or tape measure yourself until the last day of the month.  On the 30th day, weigh yourself and tape measure the hip and waist. Congratulations on the weight loss and reduced hip and waist size!  Not to mention the way your clothes fit.

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